Always wanted up to date contact pictures on your android phone? Try our new app: FB2GPPS


Logo-256pxWe just released our new app Facebook to Google Profile Picture Sync (aka FB2GPPS). It gives you the ability to sync the profile pictures of your Friends on facebook with the contact pictures of your Google contacts. The app gives you the ability to change several contacts or all at once. You can link contacts easily by drag and drop. More information is available on the project’s page.

Last version of the TeamSpeak3 Webviewer released


Logo-1_4_4Today we released the last version of the TeamSpeak3 Webviewer. It’s version 1.4.4. Basically there are no real changes except the removal of the check for newer versions of the TeamSpeak3 Webviewer. Due to the fact that we don’t have enough time to develop the TeamSpeak3 Webviewer anymore, we decided to stop development. If you don’t need all features of the software we recommend changing to the Webviewer Lite. If you are currently running v1.4.3 you don’t need to upgrade at this time. But once we will shutdown the update server your webviewer interface will be broken.

The new version can be downloaded on the project’s page as usual.

TeamSpeak3 Webviewer für WordPress: Version 1.3 available


The new version contains a lot of new features but also a few bugfixes and minor improvements. A new function is for example the black- and whitelist. With the blacklist you can exclude several channels from being displayed and with the whitelist you can decide which channels should be shown. Beside those new options we also added an option to disable all icons (and a lot more…). You can download the newest version on the project’s page.

New version of the TeamSpeak3 Webviewer available


We just released a new version of our TeamSpeak3 Webviewer today. The new version does not introduce new features but fixes some annoying issues. Furthermore we updated the languages and added a few more. As a result of this the TeamSpeak3 Webviewer supports now 11 languages. Thanks to all contributors! The new version can be downloaded on the project’s page as usual.